Paddleboard adventure – Lac Témiscouata, Quebec, Canada

Lac Témiscouata, Quebec, Canada is a spectacular location about an hour east of Riviere du Loup, Quebec. Clear deep water and secluded coves make this a perfect body of water for paddle boarding. We selected a campsite near the northern end of the lake as our starting point and began exploring.

We were blessed with perfect weather and quickly found a few (released) perch that came to say hello 🙂

The next day we found a feeder stream for the lake that we paddled up using the Pro6 Cruise. The Cruise was big enough so that all three of us could comfortably fit  - letting me paddle, my wife fish and my son look for wildlife. A few minutes into the trip and we spotted a nesting loon!

That evening we were treated to a spectacular sunset, a campfire and s'mores - a perfect trip.