Cape Cod by paddleboard

For years my family and I have been enjoying our annual trip to Eastham, MA for our summer vacation. Beaches, ice cream, kettle ponds, biking and the wonderful Wellfleet Drive In all make for perfect summer memories.

This year we had an opportunity to bring the new Pro6 Cruise paddle board and the P6 195. Because both are inflatable SUP’s we could bring all our normal summer toys on the roof while storing the paddleboards in our sedan’s trunk.

Our first stop – the shady calm waters of the Wiley Pond. This natural kettlepond boasts clear water, a shady sand beach and an hourly ice cream truck! For years we’ve been confined to the beach and small swimming area but this year with the paddle board we could venture out to remote coves and marshes.

Grandma on the Pro6 Cruise

The Pro6 Cruise was the perfect way for the whole family to get onto the water – even my mom! Wide, stable, high float and high carrying capacity meant that we could use it to paddle across the pond, anchor and use it as our own private dock or just relax and float slowly across the water.

Next stop was Campground Beach – a bay side tidal beach that boasts crabs, clams, horseshoe crabs and warm water perfect for kids. My wife loved being able to paddle along the coast searching for sea life to bring back to our son while enjoying a bit of a workout at the same time.


I can’t say enough about how wonderful it was to have a paddleboard (or two) for a Cape Cod vacation. For us it opened a whole new dimension.

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